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A new age calls for a new comic, The Million Dollar Man. The Million Dollar Man is a new age comic designed to artistically express the troublesome emotions associated with the new age lifestyle. The authors, used abstract interpretive symbols and objects to represent the immense burden of the new age lifestyle.

Aliright, alright, I know that its been two months since the last update. Sorry, but this is just a crappy tripod site that noone really cares about. Anyway, Bombiel and I haev made some new comics....... AHHHHHH im in my spanish class rigth now and were leaving teh comp lab gtg hbvfk bvk  bye!
i am singin this song, its heck of long,
im a rappa, audience clappa,
i eat watermelon, you damn dandelion!,
rhymins like a bird, no! thats absurd,
my mouths a big ol rhymin tube, you silly boob!
Alrighty, theres new comics in yatch club and eliet sections.

HYPERKINETIKA! Alright, so heres the deal: Happy B-DAY noah! Heres your coming of age present! We dawgZ fo LYFE! Right click my seal of manhood to save it to your computer, BUT ONLY IF YOUR NOAH!!!!! whats the deal with ketchup?

The movie didn't fully upload to tripod because im out of space apparently so don't try to download it. ALSO!!!!!! new links!!!!! Yes.
I just got back from seattle with a cammeraload of pictures. So, those will be posted soon. But more importantly, I finally put a movie in the movie section. Check it out.
Ok, everyone has been asking me to update the site and add more comics, so here you go! I UPDATED THE CRAP OUT OF THE SITE! COMICS GALORE! Well actually, there aren't that many new ones, but oh well. We have not yet located the missing original comics. However, if we ever do find them, I'll be sure to put them up ASAP! (by the way, I never did get around to doing those 1000 pushups)
THE FIRST UPDATE! wowee... the first update is finally here. There are new comics in the yatch club section and a new about the authors page. I'm listening to boom boom dollar! from DDR. Yay! umm... yea... ok... now its time to randomly post this web address all over the internet and do 1000 push ups! sweet!
THE LAUCH OF THE SITE! (finally) The old site was pretty bad, but its still up